Barretini Merch

Laundry Powder: Sweet Orange + Lemongrass



  • DIRECTIONS FOR HE/FRONT LOAD MACHINES: Add 1 scoop-full into the appropriate machine dispenser.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR STANDARD/TOP LOAD MACHINES: Add 1 scoop to water BEFORE adding laundry.
  • FYI: Not recommended for wool, silk, or other dry-clean fabrics. Effective in all water temperatures. Our formula is non-sudsing and will not produce bubbles, but you can be sure it’s getting the job done!

Ingredients: sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, saponified coconut oil (sodium cocoate), sodium bicarbonate, sweet orange oil, lemongrass oil.

$0.50 an ounce. 

*Price includes jar. 

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