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Aromatherapy Hand Sanitizer


Per the CDC's recommendation all natural sanitizer should now contain 70% alcohol. Keeping you safe + healthy is our ultimate goal so we are going beyond the recommended amounts and have created our Natural Unscented Hand Sanitizer following the FDA standard guidelines with 80% alcohol. 

Indu natural sanitizer comes with a dram of Indu Synergy oil blend. This is the same Indu scent you love.

Mist Indu Natural Hand Sanitizer a few times on your hands and rub together. Best used when soap and water are not available.

Not for human consumption. Perfect for adults and children, but please keep away from children.

    Ingredients: SDA alcohol 80%, DIstilled Water, Glycerine, Hydrogen Peroxide

    Indu Synergy Oil: Geranium, Bergamot, Lavender, Lemon, Tangerine, Ylang Ylang,  Palmarosa, Coriander, Roman Chamomile, Jasmine, Rose.

    $3 an ounce.

    *Price includes spray bottle.

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